i honestly have no idea who this guy is but he needs an award for this


i honestly have no idea who this guy is but he needs an award for this


fashion boots

If I’m comfortable with you, I’ll:



  • call you names
  • tell you weird and personal details about myself
  • say “I NEED TO PEE” instead of just brb
  • type in caps a lot.

If i’m extra comfortable with you I’ll do all that and:

  • talk casually about porn and really perverted thoughts 
  • share funny photos from my tumblr dash
  • actually tell you when i’m upset 
  • try to make conversation with you 
  • just generally act really silly when I’m in a good mood
  • tell you jokes even if they’re bad 



this is one of those things i want to unread but can never unread

shoujo manga


girl: fall in love with me!

guy: no

girl: fuck 

*200 chapters later*

guy: ok 




A few tips everybody should consider. I’ve experienced all those and some more. I’m not good at english but I hope you get it. Go and support some artists out there and let them draw you nice shit. Not as nice as FairyNekoDesu but still will be cool so give them a chance and you’ll be surprised.


All of these things.

Especially the deadline. If you don’t have a deadline thats way in advanced it’s not gonna get done by then. I am almost always taking on a ton of projects at once and sometimes need a break from it to: work on stuff for me, work on stuff for friends, search for jobs, be the work slave of parents, actually relax and try to relief stress, technical difficulties, researching on how to do stuff, ect.

Sometimes it’s done in a day. Sometimes it’s done literally a year later. But I always update the people I work with so they know I haven’t forgotten.

Do NOT rush your commissioner. Let them work at their pace and it will be worth it. Rushing them insures a rush job which will very likely make the quality decline.

All this is true. Also, ref sheets are the most important thing ever. I can’t stress that enough. They make the job A LOT easier (instead of having to compare 10 different pics between each other and see that everything fits, you just look at 1!!)  If you plan in commissioning your character a lot, or even if its not yours (like from an anime or something) Either commission one or look for ref sheets of the show (because there are!).

Also i strongly suggest not using Instant Messaging. Information can be lost pretty easily there and it’s hard to come back to it. Use emails instead. The info stays there, and it’s easy to search for it. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of the descriptions, so if either the client or artist made a mistake, you can see the email threads and see who’s right straight away.

also pushy clients LOVE instant messaging. Pls no.




Nailed it!



starting the boyfriend challenge

i challenge all cute boys to try and become my boyfriend in the next 24 hours

or they can just donate to me

donations welcome













I’m all down for not making people feel like shit because of their weight, but you cannot condone overweight people doing absolutely nothing about trying to become healthier and lose weight. I don’t care if you think I’m an asshole for making…

But still, as a complete stranger, you have no say in what other people do about their bodies. It’s not your place, period.

-Mod L

Tumblr: the only place where people fight for the right to stand idly as people are slowly killing themselves and only attack the people that are trying to make them healthier

So what do you think would be better? How are you going to change things?


Seriously the only thing to do, besides forcibly sending them to a weight loss camp, (which I don’t think should even be a option at any moment), is to encourage them to want to lose weight, instead of saying “you can be as fat as you want to be, no one’s gonna judge you!”. You have to make them want to change, not make them overly comfortable being very unhealthy

I see your good intentions, but how does their weight affect you? If they choose to be that way, why do you feel entitled to feel the need to change them?


If people wanted to be morbidly obese, they’re obviously not in a right state of mind and might have an eating disorder. I’ve never met anyone in my entire life that wanted to be so obese that they could die of hypertension or a heart attack at the tender age of 25

That’s all fine and dandy, but, you completely avoided my question. How does that affect you?

Maybe because I’m tired of seeing people left and right dying of obesity, now I’ve got a question for you, how do you go about you day not trying to help lower the obesity level, simply because you think “if they want to be obese, let them”?

Because there are people dying left and right from lots of things - smoking, drinking, drug addiction - and it’s literally not my place to intrude into their lives and judge them. It’s one thing for a doctor or family member to encourage them to stop if necessary, but I will not sit here and pretend I have a right to tell people what to do with their own lives unless they are somehow infringing upon my own health or well-being.

Spread education if you must, but given you can’t give me one reason as to how overweight people affect you, stick to general awareness and stop pretending like you have a right to judge the obese.


I think I pretty much owned this argument.

The reason it upsets me to see people who think it’s okay to be morbidly obese is the same reason people with ed’s are offended by pro-ana: because they make it seem as if it is a damn choice. I have a friend who has cancer and the medication makes her obese, she can’t help that. She once wanted to get a cone of ice-cream (something she rarely ever had because she wanted to eat as healthy as possible) and the lady behind her looked at her in disgust and said ‘Every pound, goes through the mouth!’ Why did she probably say that (because I obviously can’t know for sure)? because there’s obese people out there who are perfectly capable of taking control and responsibility and get healthy, but are simply too damn lazy to do it and would rather spend their time complaining on the internet about *thin-privilege*. You, sweet angel-face, make it seem as if obesity is a choice, and as if being overweight simply means you’re lazy. So unless you actually can’t help it that you’re overweight (e.g. you have a (real!) ed, medication makes you gain weight, etc), or actively trying to lose weight, you need to get it together!

And if you think I’m fat-shaming right now, you did not get the point. Are you eating healthy and exercising like crazy but still on the heavier side? YOU GO GIRL! (OR BOY!) Are you fighting a disease with medication that makes you gain weight? Ain’t nobody mad about those extra pounds, rock on you brave fighter! Are you eating junk and too lazy to even stand up to get the remote? Than I have a problem with you, because your actions reflect badly on all people in those other two categories.